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She Believes 12 Year Olds Should Be Forced to Give Birth

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, they passed the power of choice to the States. Louisiana had already passed a “trigger law” that criminalized abortion with no exception for rape, incest, or childhood pregnancies.

When the Dobbs decision was passed, Louisiana’s trigger law immediately went into effect and all abortion clinics were immediately shuttered.

This election cycle, Louisiana’s entire State Senate, House, and executive branch will be replaced. While Anti-choice politicians are campaigning on their success of banning abortion, a massive outpouring of pro-choice first-time candidates from Louisiana have stepped up and are fighting to make abortion legal again.

Louisiana has some of the highest rates of maternal mortality, infant mortality, and unintended pregnancies. Louisiana struggles with crime, poverty, and an extremely difficult place to raise a family. For the Louisiana State Legislature to dictate that every pregnant woman be forced to carry that pregnancy and give birth regardless of her circumstances is an unspeakable cruelty.

There are 39 Senators in Louisiana and only five of them are women. All five of those women voted to make abortion a crime.

I am running against one of those female Senators.

My opponent, Senator Beth Mizell is the second most powerful Senator in the Louisiana State House and is funded by National “Right to Life” PAC and dark money from powerful backers in the extreme-right. She constantly votes against making people’s lives better, especially the lives of women. She fought against raising the minimum wage, failed to protect medicaid, and has spent far too much time in office dictating the private lives of people.

Beth believes that women should be forced to carry their rapist's baby and believes that 12 year olds should be forced to give birth. Beth’s answer to the cruel abortion law in our state was to create a 5 million dollar tax credit for “crisis pregnancy centers”, fake medical clinics that shame and scare women into parenthood.

Beth has got to go.

Our General election is one of only three taking place this year before the 2024 General Election and the outcome will serve as a vital bellwether for the ongoing struggle for reproductive freedom in the Deep South and offer essential insights into the trajectory of reproductive freedom in our country. Even in a red state like Louisiana polling shows that voters overwhelmingly opposed to limiting a woman's right to choose.

The time is now for women in Louisiana to stand up against politicians dictating the most private choice a woman can make. Louisiana cannot afford four more years of cruelty.

Can we count on you to make a donation of $5 or more to help us plant our flag and send a message to the nation that the pro-choice movement in the Deep South is fighting back?

If we want to rollback the rapidly deteriorating state of abortion rights in America it starts here in the deep south - ground zero for the right-wing’s brutal authoritarian abortion bans. It’s now or never.

Thank you for your support.

Britt Gondolfi,

Democrat for Louisiana's 12th Senate District

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